The Technicians and Service Advisors each have crucial roles in effective video messaging in aftersales / service. As a Technician your role is to make clear, informative and short videos, explaining to the customer what you know best... the status of the car and your advice and recommendations. How you do that, we'll cover in the module ’The HOW of video messaging’.

The role of the Service Advisor
As a Service Advisor, you able to check the quality of the Technician's videos, prepare the communication to the customer and send the video messages via the customer's communication channel od preference. After the customer's response, you can inform the Technician whether or not to proceed with the jobs.

Yes... a Technician might spend 2 minutes more on the recording of a video... but the Service Advisor can save many more minutes by not having to chase the customer by phone, over and over again and have long telephone conversations explaining the status of the car. The overall efficiency in the workshop improves and that is good for everyone! 

For a Service Advisor it is important to keep the following tips in mind:

  • In your role as Service Advisor, you are always in the lead. Towards Technicians, to ensure that enough and good quality videos are made for the right vehicles. And towards customers to ensure that videos are correctly received.
  • Let Technicians know that a video needs to be made by writing VIDEO on the specific work order, or stamping it with ’VIDEO’.
  • When the customer brings the vehicle in, ask if they wish to receive a video message from the workshop.
  • Do not be tempted to send a quick video without checking it, simply because you are busy. This wastes the Technician's time and you risk disappointment of a customer.
  • Print out customer feedback, add it to the work order file or hang the feedback in, for example, the canteen. It is important that Service Advisors share successes with the workshop, highlighting the importance of video messages to all Technicians.
It’s also motivating for all aftersales staff to see positive customer reviews.
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