Step 1: Create your own video message

How to make a video?

  1. Open the VentaVid app
  2. Enter your username and password
  3. Start recording by pressing the red button
  4. Upload your video
  5. Close the app, and in the case of Sales Executives or Service Advisors click on the link in your mailbox
The choice is yours... you can continue on your PC / laptop (easier for filling in data / copying data from other systems) or continue in the mobile browser on your mobile device.
106678_pause_512x512.png  Multi-Part video

To record a video message, click on the red button. The app then counts down, 3-2-1… and then starts recording. When you have finished, press the red button again, the app is now in pause mode. You can now choose, upload your created video or create a multipart video by pressing the red button – pause – record – pause…

x.png  Delete scene

After recording, click on the red button. The app goes into pause mode. Need to erase the last clip or the entire video? Then click on the red cross and make a choice.

aPhoto-Video-Switch-Camera-iconkopie.png  Switch Camera
Switch back camera to selfie camera, and vice versa.
b.png  Pre recorded video

Step 2: Personalise and Publish

App settings

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