How to publish your video?

  1. Click on 'Edit'
  2. Personalise your video message
  3. Select the correct video template
  4. Save and publish your video
  5. Click on the 'my.ventavid.com' link to see the final result
Call-To-Action buttons

Easily add predefined and custom Call-To-Action buttons to the video page.





Custom HTML
There is an easy way to add third-party elements to the video page. Scroll to "Custom HTML" and paste the embed code that you copied from the online service. In this example we're adding an embedded widget from the online calendar calendly.com
Schermafbeelding_2021-11-15_om_17.00.53.png Schermafbeelding_2021-11-15_om_17.05.32.png iPad_Custom_Html.png

Step 3: Send

VentaVid online settings

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