Video 3: Confirm the appointment

The power of video in getting appointments confirmed.

Video messages can make it much easier (and more likely) for a customer to schedule their first appointment with you.

In the past, these appointments would have to be arranged via phone or email. Today, you can get appointment confirmations even easier with a personalised video message that’s tailored to their exact needs.

If you’ve gathered information prior to appointment scheduling, you can create a video that answers their biggest questions and speak to their goals for purchasing a vehicle.

The key to making a powerful appointment schedule video is to follow up on the information you already have from the customer to make the video as personalized as possible—this greatly increases the chance of a successful appointment and also sets expectations with the customer.

Video Tips:

  • Use your information from your first contact (phone call) to follow up via
    video to request them to make an appointment
  • Showing your face builds trust with the customer
  • A personalized video message distinguishes you from the rest of the
    competition that will rely solely on non-visual communication (phone, email,
  • Answer any questions they may have up front based on information you’ve
    gathered from prior conversations with the customer
  • Promise them that you have the best offer
The benefits of this approach? How can you apply this yourself? We'll show you during this video.
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