Why video helps after a (online) showroom visit?

In many cases, a customer may not make a decision during or after a showroom visit (either in-person or virtual).

This is the perfect opportunity to leverage video to bring the customer back to their desire for wanting to purchase a vehicle—and to place emphasis on their future vehicle and away from the cost.

It’s also likely that they are considering offers from other dealerships. This is another powerful opportunity to create a convincing video to make your offer top of mind with the customer. They’re more likely to remember (and respond) to your offer with a memorable video that continues to build their interest in making a decision.

Video Tips:

  • Ask them if how they’re search is going and if they have any further questions that you can help them to make their decision easier
  • Include a promise to get in touch with them again
  • Show them the car again and remind them why your offer is the best on the market
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