Your video message will be even more engaging, personal and effective if you apply this one secret when recording your video.

TIP 5: Refer to the customer’s reasons for buying in your video

If you haven’t spoken with the customer, then their reasons for buying will not be at all clear.

If you do know these, it makes your video much more powerful. The best sequence of events is to talk with them over the phone first (if possible).

Because then you can tailor your video better to suit your customer.

TIP 6: Inspect the condition of the car

Before making a video, it’s best to know whether there is any damage to the car.

If you said that the car doesn’t have any damage, and then you spot some damage to the wheel rim while filming; then you will have to start all over again.

It is a good idea to always include any damage in the video. This way you come off as honest and transparent, and that is precisely what customers are looking for. So if you include some damage in the picture, point it out. That way you avoid the customer thinking it’s a meter-long scratch, when it’s actually just one centimeter long.

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