What preparation can you do at the start of your video?

How do you ensure that you make an impact on the viewer?
We will cover that in this video.

TIP 3: Personalize

The video message will only act as a trigger if you make it personal. It also makes the customer feel like they are being taken seriously, because they receive maximum attention. So remember all the relevant details from the inquiry, so that you can incorporate them into your video message, and respond to any questions that the customer may have.

Make sure that you personalize the message; that makes it much more powerful.Personalizing doesn’t mean referring to the customer’s name twenty times!

It means, for example, that you talk about things that you have previously discussed with the customer. Their concern about whether the car is capable of having a towing hook fitted, or the damage from stone chippings on the car’s bonnet. This makes it a natural follow-on from your previous conversation.

A few examples, to make your video personal:

  • Refer to the reason for the contact
  • Refer to details from the inquiry
  • Respond to the customer’s questions
  • Refer to their reasons for buying
  • Talk about relevant details of the auto

For your preparation: Know what you are going to say. Can you remember the customer’s name? What do you want to bring across, does the customer have any questions?

TIP 4: Avoid sources of interference

What’s more important in your video message - the picture or the sound? When we’re talking about films, you probably think straight away about the picture.

But good sound quality; being heard and understood, is more important than you think.

Once you start filming, you become aware of all the background noises that you don’t normally notice. So don’t close the door or the tailgate while you are filming. Switch off the motor while filming. Make sure that the radio is turned off. And don’t forget to silence your mobile device to avoid interruptions.

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