Build up a consistent structure for your videos.

Always display the car the same way, that way you can be sure you won’t forget something and you can present the car with confidence. Keep the best parts for last to keep the customer’s attention. Don’t begin with the interior, it builds more attention if you show that last.

In the showroom, cars are often tightly packed. The thing you want to avoid is moving the car for the video, because that takes more time. So you should follow the walking route (see picture and video) then you can get a good shot of the car without having to move it.

Keep the car central and move around calmly. Keep the camera stationary for a few seconds at each corner; this makes the presentation seem less hurried. Use the holder while recording, don’t hold the camera in your hand. If you film hand-held, you will notice that the picture is much shakier than using a holder.

Start your video on the front left with the car in the background. After the introduction, walk towards the hood, halfway through turn around and walk backwards to point 2. Stop at each of the corners with a consistent pacing. Then walk to the right front door, and walk backwards again to point 3.

This way, you make a complete lap around the car, then do the interior, and end your video message back at point 1. You should apply this fixed order to make sure you don’t forget anything.



Tip 1: Throughout the video, point with your finger to where the customer should look.

Tip 2: Do not slam any door or trunk lid. This makes a loud, unpleasant sound. Leave the door open.

Tip 3: Talk in customer benefits. Translate the product features into concrete benefits for the customer.

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