If you haven’t spoken with the customer, then their reasons for buying will not be at all clear. If you do know the reasons, mentioning them makes your video much more powerful.

While you are making your presentation you should be adding value. A common mistake is to list all the specifications of the vehicle. But the customer has already seen all those via the internet, before they contacted you about the car.

Now that you have the customer’s attention you need to sell the car and your company. What makes you or your company unique in comparison with your competitors?

Before you start using video, take a few minutes to think of 5 things that make your company or you as a salesman unique, and refer to these in your video message.

The advantage is that you will be making videos which are not product-specific, but which focus on what you have to offer; why someone should buy a new car from you.

Used cars

It’s easier to add value in the case of used cars; after all, no two used cars are the same. The condition of the cars varies greatly between companies. This important aspect is often overlooked in the video, which is a shame- a missed opportunity.

How can you create added value?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Damage from stone chippings
  • Condition of the wheel rims
  • Maintenance log book present?
  • History of the car (delivered new by you?)
  • (Temporary) spare wheel
  • Parking damage
  • Smoker’s car, pets?
  • How will you deliver the car?
  • Are you offering a guarantee? What does the guarantee cover?

For example, “As you can see, this car has no damage from stone chippings; this car has not been smoked in either.”

The ideal sequence of events is to talk with the customer over the phone first so that you can tailor your video to better suit the customer's needs.
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