Tip 5: Refer to reasons for buying in your video

If you haven’t spoken with the customer, then their reasons for buying will not be at all clear. If you do know these, it makes your video much more powerful.

The best sequence of events is to talk with them over the phone first (if possible). Because then you can tailor your video better to suit your customer.

Confirmation and experience

The customer has already selected you as a candidate to supply their next car.

They are just looking for confirmation. Can they trust you? Is the car how they had imagined it would be? In the showroom you can convince them of this, but first, you have to get them there.

Start convincing them and begin building up that all-important relationship with the customer by showing them everything in your personal video message. Let them actually experience this car. That makes it transparent; it shows that you have really understood this customer, and that gives them the confirmation that you are a good choice.

The end result: the showroom visit!

Video Tips:

If you ask the right questions when you speak over the phone, you will get the right answers. And those are the reasons for buying which you will include in your video message. That way your message will get straight to their heart.

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