What should the start of an aftersales video look like? There are two things to keep in mind:

  1. Keep some distance between yourself and the vehicle, making sure the registration plate is clearly visible, allowing the customer to recognise their vehicle.
  2. Always begin with a good, clear and standard introduction that you have memorized, for consistency.

Start by introducing yourself and the dealership, mentioning the customer's name and informing them about the intended service activities you want to show in the video. For example:

“Good day Ms Jones, 
My name is James David of ABC Automotive. I am the technician working on your vehicle today. Your vehicle was brought in to us for an annual inspection and maintenance. I started by performing a technical inspection of your car, and I have noticed a number of important items which I want to show you using this video”

After this introduction, the customer now knows who is working on their vehicle, what the condition is, and what will be presented in the video. Following this introduction you can further discuss the details that were noticed during your inspection. By familiarizing yourself with the tips you will give yourself more confidence when recording.

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