Here is a summary of some tips for recording excellent video messages in aftersales. Some of the tips you will recognise from the training videos, some tips are new:

  • Always start with a standard introduction ('Good day Mr. Jones, This is XXX from ABC Automotive, I am the technician working on your car today').
  • Always start with recording the license plate, this creates a recognisable thumbnail for the customer.
  • Always refer to a customer's complaint(s), if they had any.
  • Keep a structure / order when recording the vehicle check, this will help you to not forget anything.
  • Where possible use the pause / continue button to keep the video short and concise.
  • Always ensure that a video with 'bad' news is balanced with 'good' news. Don't forget to tell the customer what is good about the condition of the vehicle!
  • A video created solely to inform the customer about the positive status of the vehicle. (customers really value such videos) should last less than 1 minute.  A normal video (bad & good news) should ideally be under 2,5 minutes.
  • Refer to components only when they are being shown in the video; your voice and what you are showing should be in sync. Make sure you properly indicate where the customer needs to look.
  • Don't only mention what is wrong with the vehicle. Also explain the cause of the problem and the consequence of not repairing.
  • If possible avoid filming colleagues, and avoid recording other clients (vehicles).
  • Make sure you have enough lighting. Use a torch if the camera's light is not sufficient.
  • Check the sound volume of each video using a headset at the Service Advisor's desk.
  • If there is a lot of background noise in the workshop, consider using an additional external microphone.
  • Avoid downplaying repairs, like “here we see a little problem” or “the car has a small issue”.
  • Use tools like battery analysers / brake pad thickness gauges to support your conclusion.
  • Always end each video with a standard conclusion and thank the customer for watching ("We have reached the end of the video. Thank you very much for watching Mrs. XX. My colleague from reception will get in touch with you. Good bye")
  • Discuss with the Technicians when the quality of the videos can be improved and give suggestions for improvement.
Enjoy video messaging in aftersales!
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